The reel is a concept created by Mk Asante to explain hyper violent and hyper sexual content in new age        hip-hop. According to Asante previous hip-hop was ‘real’ because it talked about socially aware content and things that were realistic in the black community. Now, however, he calls the new age hip-hop […]

Paradise in Hell  If it wasn’t that we were outside up to no good or at home rapping and watching channel u instead of working my ma was always lecturing me and my brothers about something, while the only other girl in the house my angel sister would stand beside my ma as if she […]

INTRO.What am talking about in this essay is the argument to whether the play ‘The Merchant Of Venice’ is anti-semitic or not. Anti-semitism is discrimination or racism towards jewish people. Anti-semitism didn’t just take place during world war 2 but has been going for a much longer time and still takes place today. THE TREATMENT OF […]

It was a bright cold day on April. The clocks were striking thirteen. Winston Smith Nuzzled his chin into his breast in effort to escape the vile wind. Slipping quickly through the glass doors of Victory Mansions. Though not quickly enough to escape the gritty dust

The street which was totally deserted The man wandered alone The city was black and white The ground that was strewn with litter The man wandered alone in the city that was black and white. The classroom IS silent The classroom IS full of boys AWAITING their faith The classroom that is silent are awaiting […]

It was 3005 in North Korea on the coldest day know to man, the fiftieth time the so called world was hosting the olympics .Mr.jong un favorite time every four years. All athletes were forced to impress the leaders by destroying every bone in their body slowly and in the most excrusianting way posible. There […]

Crime hovered in the blackened air snatching life within the shadowed darkness.The hopeless people who forever lurked for a savior laid their heads upon the rotten ground left with no choice but to allow the living mold eat their face. Kane Ortiz is the youngest in a family of four, his nappy hair held still […]

Within the dark city was the imperial army which laid upon the rotten ground of earth. Beneath this city were mines full of forced workers and the equipment we use. Above the darkness is black sky covered with grey clouds and flying machinery whom protect this army base. Yey with all this crime still hovered […]

Shakespeare uses five different methods to keep his audience interested in his plays which are Themes, Setting, Dramatic Devices, Character, Language and Narrative Techniques. All of these I will be talking about. Out of these five methods one of them are themes. The two most important themes are Ambition and Death. The Ambition in Macbeth […]

1. FOUL: “foul is fair and fair is foul. Hover through the fog and filthy air.” “The condition of the school was very foul”           2. REPORT: “What bloody man is that? He can report , As seemeth by this plight, of the revolt the newest state.” “All the results they got on they’re test would […]